Feature request - Boolean Split

 From:  Maximus (MAX)
You're right, it takes a while to find all the tools and where they are. And as it been a few months since i last time used Moi it's not making it any easier getting started again and to find where everything new is placed and what it does. :) but you can skip this feature request, one less thing to add to Moi hehe

True, it's quite easy to simply think that if it works like this in Rhino then it should work like this in Moi too, which it obviously don't. Not that it's a bad thing, if it's easier which infact it is now in Moi then it's all good.

Btw, one other thing.. it probably been asked/requested before but i'll ask again. How about variable fillets and chamfers, could you add that ? ..and also so when a surface curve which will be filleted or chamfered on a object is selected then it can autoselect all edges that connects in a flow to that first edge you selected, if you understand what i mean. SolidWorks has filleting and chamfering which works like this and it's wonderful to use when you add chamfers and fillets to your objects, it makes the process so much quicker on large complex objects.

/ Magnus