Feature request - Boolean Split

 From:  Michael Gibson
709.2 In reply to 709.1 
Hi Magnus, in MoI, try Construct / Boolean / Merge - I think it should do the job for you.

For example if you have this sphere and cylinder:

if you select both of them and then run Construct / Boolean / Merge, you will get this result, similar to Rhino's BooleanSplit (I moved some parts around for illustration):

Just delete the parts that you don't want to keep.

MoI's boolean merge command will intersect all objects together and then extract an object for each volume that was formed. So in addition to splitting solids with other solids similar to Rhino's BooleanSplit, it can also be used to extract a common volume from a set of intersecting open surfaces, same as Rhino's CreateSolid command.

So it's another one of these cases where one tool in MoI is performing multiple different tasks depending on how you use it, this is the kind of thing that helps keep MoI's UI so streamlined and easier to use.

Additionally, you can use merge on curves:

And also you can have planar curves interact directly with solids like with the other booleans, for example here is a sphere with a star polygon in front of it:

If you select both the star polygon curve and the sphere solid, then run boolean Merge, it will essentially "imprint" the star onto the sphere and leave all the pieces behind:

You can do similar curve / solid interactions with the other booleans, but difference and intersection will throw away pieces, while merge will keep every piece that forms a volume. If no volume is formed then it will split surfaces at intersections with one another, actually sometimes that is also a handy quick way to do surface/surface trimming too.

Also one quick note - if you need to bring models back and forth between Rhino and MoI, just try using Copy/Paste from one to the other (just make sure to leave MoI running when pasting from MoI into Rhino). This is generally the fastest way to shuffle things back and forth - you don't actually need to save any files to port stuff over.

> Thanks in advance and good luck at Siggraph Michael :)

Thanks Magnus! Let me know if you don't think that boolean Merge does the right thing you are asking for.

- Michael