Question too 3DViewport

 From:  Michael Gibson
701.3 In reply to 701.1 
Hi Eddi, I have added this for the next beta. Under Options / View, there is a new button that will bring up a dialog that lets you set the exact angles for the view direction for the 3D view.

Up/down angle controls the vertical angle, 0 is at the top looking straight down.

Left/right angle controls horizontal angle, 0 is looking straight forward, 90 is looking from the right, etc..

Tilt controls twisting to the left or right along the current view direction.

This also has exposed some new script properties for a viewport that make it possible to set specific view angles by a shortcut key, for example:

script:var v = moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.getViewport('3D'); v.leftRightAngle = 45; v.upDownAngle = 90; v.tiltAngle = 0;

- Michael