2D Fillets

 From:  Michael Gibson
70.3 In reply to 70.1 
You can use the same Fillet tool to do 2d fillets.

But it will only work on independent curves.

What probably happened to you is that you selected 2 line curves but they were not independent lines, they were edge curves that belong to a plane. Right now it won't do a 2D fillet in that situation, when edges are selected it wants to do a solid edge fillet which won't produce any result since those edges were not joined to any other surface.

I'll see if I can tune this up so that it will do a regular curve fillet if two edges that are unattached to anything are selected. It won't automatically trim the surface in this case (maybe some other day in the future...) , but I should be able to make it generate the arc.

- Michael