And another shape, all smooth

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Flashnfantasy, as you approach more amorphous forms like this, it can get difficult to construct them with NURBS - Subdivision surfaces are better for things that are blending in many different simultaneous directions without as much of a primary structure to them.

I think this one is feasible, but the main difference is that you've got to draw your initial shapes closer to what you want. With NURBS modeling techniques you generally don't try to morph one shape like a sharp box into a radically different shape like an amorphous blob. You can apply fillets to round off corners, but it is not the same thing as a huge change in the basic structural form of the object.

That is a lot different than subdivision surfaces which do exactly that. That can sometimes be an advantage to subdivision surfaces, but can also be disadvantage in other situations, especially when you're trying to create something with more accuracy over the drawn shape.

So the key steps for this model will be to create 2 sort of lozenge shapes that are closer to your melted shape than a box, and then boolean union those together and fillet the intersection.

I'll see if I can cook up some steps here...

- Michael