File Saving

 From:  Michael Gibson
690.6 In reply to 690.5 
Hi Brian, it is normal that those curves saved directly would not work (since there is no surface there to mesh), but after you do a loft it is supposed to work. It works fine over here...

Make sure when you do the loft you push the "Done" button to complete the loft.

Other than that I'm not sure what might be going wrong.

Can you try a test with just a sphere? (go to Draw solid / Sphere to just draw one of those).

When you save to an OBJ file, after you close the file dialog where you choose the file name, you are supposed to see a "Meshing options" dialog that lets you choose what density of polygon mesh you want to create.

Do you never see the "Meshing options" dialog? Is it possibly off to the side a little bit or something?

- Michael