A feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
686.8 In reply to 686.7 
> I just felt being able to draw one curve on top of another and have them boolean
> together in realtime (as shown) instead of stopping, selecting curve 1, then
> curve 2, hitting done etc.

The thing is that the current method that involves selecting and pushing done is just more general purpose...

I mean, what happens if you want to boolean some curves that are imported from an IGES or AI file instead of ones that you immediately draw? Should the "draw boolean mode" setting also change the way that file opening works? What if you only want to boolean out 2 of the imported curves instead of all of them?

Does LWCAD have a way to deal with this? I mean do they have 2 sets of boolean tools, one for "real time" drawing booleans and then a completely different one for select-existing-curve booleans?

> where I find that LWCAD feature comes in handy is when actually
> dragging out the lines and curves

Right - but that information is available to you in MoI when you are initially dragging things out, it's displayed either in the bottom toolbar (for x,y,z location, distance, and angle), or the command options area (stuff like currently dragged width and height of a rectangle).

This is actually one of the big benefits of MoI's UI structure - for example in Rhino if you create a rectangle you do not get a chance to see the dynamic dragged values for a rectangle's width and height. It's a pretty subtle but big limitation of a command-line style interface.

Displaying these in the actual view while dragging in MoI would be repeating this information that is already being displayed, just kind of more "in your face".... I can see doing this eventually, it just doesn't seem quite so high priority since that info is already there in a different spot.

By the way, please don't get discouraged when I mention that some particular request isn't going to happen anytime soon, I just want to explain what my current thoughts on it are. Discussing problems can sometimes help to clear them up and clear the path towards implementing the request.

- Michael