A feature request

 From:  WillBellJr
686.7 In reply to 686.6 
Hi Michael, thanks for the consideration...

Of course I have no idea of your vision for MOI and how it is to progress over the version changes, to me, using mostly polygon and SDS modelers, I feel there's an advantage to having immediate construction modes that can be switched by keystroke or some kind of UI instead of always dealing with commands and stepped parameter entries.

I'm not sure if you watched the video or not, but that interface is clear, there's no forgetting what modes you're in since you can see what modes are activated by highlighted GUI indications (property dialog).

With LWCAD you can also snap to other geometry, in fact, basically LWCAD uses NURBS in the background within Lightwave (replacing LW's lowly geometry types until you convert them back if desired)

I just felt being able to draw one curve on top of another and have them boolean together in realtime (as shown) instead of stopping, selecting curve 1, then curve 2, hitting done etc., would have been a real speed advantage and perhaps set MOI apart from an already similar application.

I'll admit I'm jaded coming from apps like XSI, Silo et al., with their quick mode changes and sticky tools...

I don't believe I'd want MOI to be like Amapi either (I'm not yet familiar with its GUI but I think Amapi may be the best merge between polygon and NURBS methodologies in a single application - I've been keeping my eye out to see what's going to happen with Amapi 8...)

I just know using MOI for this little pet project of mines has been a complete joy and I was thinking that being able to do what's displayed in the video within MOI while developing curves would be nice.

I'll admit it needs to be determined what precentage of time is spent developing curves and would a similar boolean toolset for curve generation in MOI be overkill?

I guess if others chime in yay or nay that would be an indication as well - I would certainly enjoy hearing from all the real NURBS engineers around here...


PS - Reading your response again, I'll add that for me, yes, having the length and width displayed next to the cursor or geometry would be redundant in MOI - where I find that LWCAD feature comes in handy is when actually dragging out the lines and curves; being able to see the lengths and angles right next to your drawn entities helps you get it placed exactly where you'd like it - after that they can definitely go away!