A feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
686.6 In reply to 686.5 
> I feel these realtime curve boolean and measurement displays would be wonderful addition to MOI!

Hi Will, it will probably be a while before these will happen. I'm just not quite so sure about the true benefits that would be involved.

You can currently do curve booleans in MoI just using the regular boolean tools... I'm just not sure if realtime booleans would be much more effective than a non-realtime boolean.

The realtime booleans would have some negative consequences. First of all there would be additional UI required to turn on or off "boolean draw mode". I generally worry a lot about each additional bit of UI that is added to MoI because it doesn't take very long for the UI to get bloated and complex. So each additional bit has to provide some pretty significant functionality for it to "validate its existence" so to speak..

The other negative thing about it is setting a drawing mode means you have to remember to go back and unset it later on. That can actually add an additional step if you just want to do simple things, and it can also lead to some confusion if you forget that you were in a special mode and just try to draw something new.

I'd also worry a bit about hiding parts of your drawing while creating new shapes, sometimes you may want to snap on to various existing parts using construction lines, etc... If they were disappearing on you that wouldn't work...

So these are some concerns that I would have about it, it certainly does look cool though... :)

The measurement displays are not quite as problematic, but they seem a little "in your face" to me. The same information is already available off to the side of the working view (like the length of the, radius or diameter of the circle you're drawing, width and height of the rectangle). In a certain sense repeating this information into the view itself seems like unnecessary duplication... In general this is kind of the same concern as the UI, I've tried to keep things streamlined all around. I can see this one could be a lot more up to personal preference so maybe I will be able to add this in the future.

- Michael