A feature request

 From:  WillBellJr
686.5 In reply to 686.4 
If I could have just one wish of mine implemented in MOI it would be for it to have curve tools similar to LWCAD:

I feel these realtime curve boolean and measurement displays would be wonderful addition to MOI! (Having those adjustment handles while creating curves would make editing so much faster as well - I won't even try and think about a similar shape library!)

I'm constantly reading so many comparisions of MOI to Rhino "MOI isn't needed if you have Rhino..." which for the most part is probably true EXCEPT when you're interested in getting your NURBS object into a polygon or SDS modeler.

MOI does have its advantages - the GUI and simplicity being at the top of the list. Case in point - I"ve had Rhino since v1 but what got me insterested in NURBS modeling again? MOI! So apparently there is a difference even if it's an internally felt one (being able to finally get my NURBS objects out to my poly apps isn't no small thing either...)

Anyway, I'd like to see MOI distinguished from Rhino and I believe GUI features like these would set MOI way ahead!

Since curve drawing is so important in MOI, having a GUI similar to this when working with curves would be in my opinion, just awesome!