A feature request

 From:  Michael Gibson
686.4 In reply to 686.3 
Hi Boatstalker, I do want to add some measuring tools, but currently I plan on doing this with a batch of "Analyze" tools for V2.

Just to be clear, the thing that JTB is talking about is the number that shows up in the bottom toolbar that is labeled "d", right below the current x,y,z coordinate readout. The d stands for distance, and this box will show you the distance of the line that you are currently drawing. So using that box you can use just a regular line as a basic measuring stick. (Also you can enter a value into that box to constrain the length of the line that you are drawing).

One other option - Petr made a custom measure command that you can also use, he's got it here: http://kyticka.webzdarma.cz/3d/moi/

- Michael