A feature request

 From:  WillBellJr
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Well I guess that's one vote for a realtime GUI when performing curve booleans...

--------- M.G. Wrote:
The thing is that the current method that involves selecting and pushing done is just more general purpose...

I mean, what happens if you want to boolean some curves that are imported from an IGES or AI file instead of ones that you immediately draw? Should the "draw boolean mode" setting also change the way that file opening works? What if you only want to boolean out 2 of the imported curves instead of all of them?

Does LWCAD have a way to deal with this? I mean do they have 2 sets of boolean tools, one for "real time" drawing booleans and then a completely different one for select-existing-curve booleans?

WOW, I didn't even think about trying to boolean curves opened from an existing file - these tools are strictly for entity creation and drawing

Watching the LWCAD boolean video, I could immediately envision creating things like these City Block objects for my games and stuff: http://www.cornucopia3d.com/purchase.php?item_id=3241

I could see myself creating some really cool cityscapes using MOI by Quick Boolean'ing together shapes in prep for extrusions, lofts and sweeps etc.

I certainly wouldn't expect to try and boolean seperate files and stuff - that's scary - my suggesttion was just for creating the inital curves - hence the benefit of it being realtime.

I'd imagine for Illustrator curves and other existing stuff you'd use the present way by positioning and selected objects and specifying the boolean parameters as done now??

Again I'll admit I'm no ways a professional NURBS engineer - those STL's and stuff be scaring me and poor Lightwave! :-p (I can hardly get OBJs working in LW much less try to do any kind of serious IGES machanical stuff etc!)

So I'm thinking purely creative 3D design stuff here - obviously you need to consider the more serious side of things and how anything you add to MOI would affect those customers also...

I'm just wishing that there was simiar way in MOI to fly my curves together when I'm in a creative flow...