Coupla small requests?...

 From:  WillBellJr
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Hi Michael, thanks for the support on this - I thought I saw the discussion here on Incremental saving when I first heard about MOI and just started to peek in on all the fun ;-) I kinda figured this would be an easy one for you - apparently it's already done - see! Great!

Yes, you know what it was - I always use the alt-key navigation method, but today, focusing on this model, the mouse wheel was zooming in/out in increments that were too large for what I was doing - the view zoom control allowed smooth continuous in/out zoom, it was just that it could fly around on you if you weren't careful how you moved the mouse over the controls (hence my request for some kind of sensitivity for them...)

Being able to control the sensitivity will make those controls operate in a way you don't have to think about them when they're being used - GUI transparency if you will...

I think what you've suggested may be good enough for me as far as the pivoting around focused objects - I'll give it a try - thanks!

I was hoping that a quick calculation of the focused object's bounding box center and then setting a view pivot around that would be easy to implement - of course I have no idea about how MOI manages its viewspace so I can appreciate that it may not be something simple to throw in.

I have to compliment you on such a great program!

I've been modeling here, the time passing away and I haven't had any bad experiences - I've been filleting edges to round them out, booleans to combine pieces, curve projections, trims, transformations, the background image - all this has been working predictably and without errors - MOI has been a joy to work with tonite, BRAVO!