Coupla small requests?...

 From:  WillBellJr
Finally got to sit down and enjoy some MOI modeling...

I've always been a SciFi nutt since being a Kid, wasn't nothing like Satruday nite monster movies!

I also loved to read Analog Science Fiction books et al; the covers and story illustrations showing flying saucers, laser pistols and finned rocket ships was the stuff that made my imagination fly and who I am today (an aspiring game programmer and Wing Commander / Spaceflight Sim junkie!)

Today I finally got to begin tackling a cover illustration I've been wanting to do for a while just to hone my modeling skills - of course MOI was the tool of choice!

While getting to this point in my modeling, a couple of wishes popped into mind:

1) Is it possible to have filename incrementing when saving a file? I usually create my objects in steps, incrementing as I reach milestones etc.

2) Is there a way to add a setting for the sensitivity of the mouse pan/zoom/rotate at the bottom of the screen? A numeric entry field in the Rotate/Pan/Zoom dialog would be perfect. A lot of times it's hard to control the speed - the model flies all around and off the screen a good amount of times...

3) In a similar vein, is it possible to have the view orbit around a selected object? Sometimes when working close and all zoomed in, you want to rotate around the object at hand - in Lightwave, selecting an object and clicking [shift]-A changes the view center to the bounding box center of the selcted object - I would love this in MOI, being able to rotate around a selected object!

There was one more but I forget what it was now...

If I had to choose, #3, is the most important to me and would be really helpful.