Hmmm, what would cause this?...

 From:  WillBellJr
I created this simple shape in MOI:

This is what I get in Lightwave Modeler:

I highlighted the part in MOI because that particular part always comes in with the normals reversed - (also in XSI and ZBrush3 - it come in fine in Cinema4D!)

That part was created by mirroring the similar part on the opposite side of the sphere so my theory is that mirrored objects while they look okay in MOI, the normals are flipped when meshed - I'll try this again later; I'll create a part by mirroring and then by manual creation or perhaps a copy / rotate / move...

The strangeness comes when I render in Lightwave:

Now before you ask, YES all my points have been MERGED - I had set the tolerance so high at one point I started collasping stuff! So while all the points are merged (as far as I can tell) I'm still getting cracks within that particular part - not sure why??
(I haven't rendered the other side to see if that's cracked, I'm assuming it is UNLESS this has something to do with the fact this part was created by a mirror?)


PS - This may be due to the applied material - I'm still checking on this...