New Jun-12-2007 beta available now.

 From:  Josugh
670.7 In reply to 670.1 
Great Work!!!

I am Testing too the options for LWO export.
I will continue bugs if I found them!! Cause I am working a lot with this program now.

In lightwave the exporter is now 99% OK!!!... Is first time in the morning here in Spain but I am making tests with my complex models from Solid Edge,
and the only bug that I fond is some Polygons that have wrong normals, but is easy to fix putting double sided in the surface editor.
( there are only 5-6 polygons in a object with 80.000 don´t worry.... The perfection doesn´t exists but you are so NEAR!!!
( I make more tests with the same piece and I don´t found fliped surfaces!!! WOW!!)


I continue working / testing.
Best Regards