New Jun-12-2007 beta available now.

 From:  Michael Gibson
670.4 In reply to 670.2 
Hi Jacobo, thanks for testing it!

> - Some problems with complex n-gons, but that's something you
> already said that could happen, and besides, it was something very
> easy and quick to fix in the objects I was testing.

On the ones I saw, I couldn't find anything wrong with the n-gon, it was well formed, points were spaced well without anything stacked up or reversed or anything.. Just the triangles for the n-gon display were coming outside the n-gon.

Are the ones you saw similar?

Because if you do see problems with the n-gon structure such as duplicate points within one polygon or n-gons with messy edges that cross over other edges, etc..., then those would be things I need to fix up in MoI. Otherwise if there is nothing wrong with the n-gon these look to me like triangulation bugs in LightWave. But so much fewer in number than with OBJ import. I guess they must have 2 totally separate pieces of triangulation code, otherwise I can't see how the LWO one would be mostly pretty good and the OBJ one so bad...

> - It seems like sometimes, when you load the object (I've used 'Join' previously
> in MoI), it's loaded in several layers (modo or LW), and the first one contains all
> the items that are separated in the other layers.

Hmmm, this sounds like a bug. Normally it is intended that every different single joined object in MoI should go on its own separate layer in the LWO file. If you can send me the smallest .3dm example file you've got that has this problem, that might help me figure it out.

> - Also merge vertices is necessary, cause there are some vertices that share the
> same coordinates (but not a big deal either).

Was this with weld turned on or off? If weld is turned off then that's normal, but if weld is turned on it is supposed to merge those and that's probably a bug. If you have an example that needs merge vertices even though you exported with weld on, please send it if you can.

Thanks very much for the testing! I'm glad this is working better for you than the other ways of exporting before.

- Michael