New Jun-12-2007 beta available now.

 From:  Michael Gibson
670.25 In reply to 670.24 
Thanks David! By the way, do you remember those boat hull sections you sent to me a few months ago that would not loft?

The new beta fixes this, those now loft fine. That's what the new stuff about the Profiles option is about.

For lofting through a larger number of curves, it is often nice to use Loft Style = "Loose" to get a more relaxed surface, the ones you sent work pretty well if you use the loose style. The regular style can cause sort of bumps when you use many sections.

Another thing that can help get smooth lofts through many sections is to use the new Profiles: #Points option, this will further simplify the resulting loft by using only the number of control points that you specify for rebuilding the profiles. This will only be a somewhat rough approximation of your input curves, but the result will be even more smooth yet.

So for instance using Loft Style = "Loose" as well as Profiles = #Points with 10 points, will generate a really smooth surface from the 13 cross-sections that you had for that boat hull.

- Michael