New Jun-12-2007 beta available now.

 From:  Michael Gibson
670.21 In reply to 670.7 
Hi Josu, thanks for testing the new LWO export!

99% is pretty good for version 1.0 ! :)

On ones that do generate a few incorrect polygons, if you can send any example models to me, that would help me figure out how to solve that. (it is helpful if you narrow it down to the smallest piece that shows a problem).

I would like to get closer to 100% !

But I am glad that the LWO format is working well for you - at least it is quick to fix 5 or 6 bad polys out of 80,000 - it's a lot better than fixing 2,000 bad ones...

I'm almost ready to take a look at some of the other bugs that you sent previously.


- Michael