New Jun-12-2007 beta available now.

 From:  jacobo3d
670.2 In reply to 670.1 
Yes!! Thanks Michael!! I'm going to try it right away!!

EDIT: Just wanted to say that the LWO exporter works great!!
I've only found a couple of things:
- Some problems with complex n-gons, but that's something you already said that could happen, and besides, it was something very easy and quick to fix in the objects I was testing.
- It seems like sometimes, when you load the object (I've used 'Join' previously
in MoI), it's loaded in several layers (modo or LW), and the first one contains all
the items that are separated in the other layers.
It's not really a problem, because it's very easy to clean... but you think it could
be something that can cause duplicated polygons?
- Also merge vertices is necessary, cause there are some vertices that share the same coordinates (but not a big deal either).

Overall, it works great for me, and now it's very easy and clean get the meshes into LW or modo. Thanks so much!!

Ok... keep testing this... and the other new features...


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