From:  Michael Gibson
664.2 In reply to 664.1 
Hi Juan!

> 1. - when there will be a new beta or commercial version?

There should be a new beta release very soon, within the next couple of days. I think there will be just one more beta after it before the full release.

> 2. - did you place some manual of MOI?

Not yet, I will be working on this after the software itself is complete.

> 3. - I send some works made in MOI for alone footwear it is question
> of applying some parameters of other programs

These look great, thanks for showing those! I'm not sure if I understand properly though - do you also have a question about moving these into other programs?

> 4. - to include conical extrude

Right now I was planning on including this for version 2.0. But here is a method that you can use to get the same result for the current version. Say you want to do a conical type extrude of this shape:

Draw a vertical line:

Select your base shape, and then run Construct / Sweep. Select the vertical line as the single rail. this will generate a cube shape, but go to the sweep options in the upper-right corner of the screen, and change the option for "Ends" to "Pointy end". That will make the sweep collapse to a point as it moves towards the end of the rail path, which should give you the same result as a conical extrusion:

Hope that helps!

- Michael