New MoI fan here :)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Very cool model! I'm not sure which one I like more, the rendering or the live MoI screenshot. The faint hidden edges on the MoI display gives it a really cool technical illustration feel, and the anti-aliased curves are really showing off very nicely there.

> Michael could you please add ability to maximise viewport under
> cursor like in Maya, XSI, Modo?

There isn't an easy way to set this up in the current beta, but I will add a support function for scripting for the next beta that will make it possible to set up a custom script keyboard assignment to do this. So when the next beta comes out, this will work:

[Shortcut Keys]
Space=script:if ( moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode != 'split' ) { moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode = 'split' } else { var viewport = moi.ui.getViewportUnderMouse(); if ( viewport ) { viewport.viewPanel.mode = } }

That goes all on one line, see the Shortcut Keys thread for info on where to put it.

> It'l be great as well to add ability to customise view rotating methods.
> Many users rotate view with Alt, and many of them use it with tablet to.

Just to be clear here, you're talking about holding down Alt, and then Left-click and drag in the 3D viewport to rotate?

I'm not using Alt + Left drag for anything at all now, so I suppose I could just add this in as another way to rotate in addition to right click and drag.

I don't remember, are there different keys in Maya for panning and zooming also?

- Michael