New MoI fan here :)

 From:  Trogwart

First of all big THANKS for the amazing program!
MoI is really very very cool! I used Rhino for a long time some years ago, now i don't know how could i? :)

Just whant to offer some ideas: Michael could you please add ability to maximise viewport under cursor like in Maya, XSI, Modo? It is just very convinient - pres spacebar for maximise, then again for return to split layout.

It'l be great as well to add ability to customise view rotating methods. Many users rotate view with Alt, and many of them use it with tablet to.
I just made a little resident that remaps view rotation style like in Maya. I used AutoHotkey ( for it, but it works alone. So attaching it for you could try.

Thank you!

EDITED: 6 Sep 2006 by TROGWART