Linking problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
659.2 In reply to 659.1 
Hi dragon,

By linking do you mean using a boolean to combine objects together?

From your screenshot, it looks like your leaves are surface objects, not solids that have volume. If you can upload your .3dm model file that will help to figure out the specifics.

Generally you can't use a boolean to merge a non-volume surface directly into a volume object, because it only intersects the solid in a kind of infinitely thin slit...

But I'm not sure if that's what you mean by linking or not, there is no actual command named "link" in MoI.

MoI doesn't currently have any type of grouping mechanism other than physical joining or booleaning of objects - that's something that I want to add in the future though.

> On a second note, I tryed the 3dm2sculpt program ( made by moi ) but the
> file was corrupted everytime I uploaded it.

Actually I didn't make that one - Cindy Crabgrass programmed that, there is some discussion of it here: - possibly if you ask there or e-mail Cindy you might be able to get more info on it.

I'm glad that you're enjoying using MoI on your TabletPC!

- Michael