Linking problems

 From:  dragon (REDSEADRAGONS)
I linked two parts of a leaf together, but was unable to link two leaves, never mind all of the leaves and the stalk. Being quite new to this, there is a good chance this is just user error but I have not been able to link anything in any of my projects ( besides the prevously stated incident ).

I have also noted a glitch where the "top" view wouldn't change whial using the "extrude" option, but restarting the program fixxed it and it hasn't occured since.

On a second note, I tryed the 3dm2sculpt program ( made by moi ) but the file was corrupted everytime I uploaded it.

Before I go I wanted to mention how much I have enjoyed the simplicity and set up of moi - especialy the easy to use and remember buttons for changing the view ( which always fustrated me in other 3d programs ). Owning a Tablet PC, I also appreciate the heads up design and the fact that I can run it without the extraordinary crash at the end.