Geometry problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
656.9 In reply to 656.8 
Did you also get N-gon problems with Lightwave as well? I don't remember hearing any complaints about that so far, so I was assuming that was working ok.

> I'm assuming that if I see the polygonal prev in MoI correctly,
> the OBJ should be OK in other polygonal apps, and if it's not,
> it's not a MoI problem... is that right?

Yup, as far as I know that seems to be right.

Certainly if it literally doesn't work with any polygonal app at all it would be more likely to be a MoI bug, but so far every case of this that I have examined (where it seems to be fine in the MoI preview but bad on the import into the poly app), has been a case of bugs in triangulating complex N-gons in the polygon app.

> Again, thanks so much for your support and good work!

You're welcome, and thank you for your bug reports, it will be good to fix up that cube one!

- Michael