Geometry problems

 From:  jacobo3d
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> There aren't really "layers" in an OBJ file (or in MoI currently either),
> but there is a way to group polygons into different objects. That's what
> happening here, you're getting each different surface exported as an
> individual object.

Yeah, sorry, I didn't say that correctly. It's just I was using Lightwave
and modo for to import the OBJ, and they store those different surfaces as
Using 'Join' it worked perfeclty, thanks!

Well, after read all those threads, and take a look to c4D capabilities,
it seems like it's the best to handle this thing. It's good to know.
Thanks for the info! I'm trying fill that big form to get a demo and try
it by myself :O).

I'm assuming that if I see the polygonal prev in MoI correctly, the
OBJ should be OK in other polygonal apps, and if it's not,
it's not a MoI problem... is that right?

> You type a distance into that box and any polygon that is larger than that > size will get diced down into smaller bits. So for instance if you put 1 in > that box, anything larger than 1 unit in size will get diced. This won't be > applied to planar surfaces unless you check the "Planes" box.

> That will generate a much higher polygon count, but each one of those > smaller polygons will have a less complex boundary.

Very interesting option. I've been playing with this, and it helped to
modo/LW to import the mesh in a better way. But still, they don't do it
OK yet. Probably I should play more with that... but after see how good
C4d does it, I want to try it first :O).

> Then the other option as you've seen is to use "quads and triangles" >instead of n-gons.

Yes, triangles or quads and triangles worked with no problems so far
(except for the Cubes I've sent you in the first message). I rather n-gons
option just because it's easier and cleaner to make the UVs, and
texturing process.

Again, thanks so much for your support and good work!