Geometry problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
656.7 In reply to 656.5 
> - EDIT: One more thing... With some objects you can get a lot of flipped
> polygons. Do you think that's something fixable?

Joining should fix that.

One other note - some people have had better success with N-gon exports into Modo when dicing things up into smaller polygons. That tends to reduce the complexity of each individual N-gon and sometimes can help avoid the stuff that Modo has difficulty with.

If you want to try that, what you do is inside the Meshing options dialog, expand it to the full settings and then use the "Divide larger than" box, and check the "Planes" option.

You type a distance into that box and any polygon that is larger than that size will get diced down into smaller bits. So for instance if you put 1 in that box, anything larger than 1 unit in size will get diced. This won't be applied to planar surfaces unless you check the "Planes" box.

That will generate a much higher polygon count, but each one of those smaller polygons will have a less complex boundary.

Then the other option as you've seen is to use "quads and triangles" instead of n-gons.

- Michael