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Hi Michael,

Thanks again for all your work! This is great, I mean... when you're
testing a program you like, and you see the developers are so open
to users comments and stuff... Thanks for that!

> You can especially do clean mechanical type models really fast with this pipeline. For mechanical shapes, the results often
> times look like a lot of effort was spent hand optimizing the polygons, even though they were actually automatically generated... > It's almost like cheating! ;)

Yeah, I'm doing some mechanical stuff right now, and I'm finding the
advantages of CAD/NURBS. I don't know very well all the CAD world (Just
learnt some SolidEdge a few years ago).
I have to admit I've started to use MoI because I saw what its exporter
could do. I was dealing with some IGES objects, and I needed a clean
polygonal mesh (UVs, rigging, stuff like that... so working with a 'dirty' mesh
would be a pain), and I didn't have much time to clean it manually.
So I've been looking for different solutions, and trying a lot of
options, programs, converters, etc... until I've found MoI. And now,
as you said, there are so much possibilites since you can get a clean
polygonal mesh from NURBs.
People who do visualization for industrial design, or info-architecture
are going to love you! :O) I just showed MoI to some friends of mine who
work on that, and they are really impressed.

> I'll probably be able to work on fixing it tomorrow. I should be putting out a new beta pretty soon.

Great news!! :O)

I was doing some other tests. It's a shame I don't have more complex
objects here, but I have this guys already doing some hard testing on MoI :)

I've attached a RAR with some screen captures and the objects. The original
IGES, and 3 different OBJ versions. Here are some issues:

- Is there a way to specify the number of layers to be exported in OBJ?
I guess it depends on how you made or export the model from your CAD
program (in the case you just imported it from MoI, instead of model it
in there), but if you only have that IGES object, and you have to deal
with it, how do you change that in MoI?
As you can see in one of the screen captures, I've got 901 layers for that

- Problems with some objects when you use n-gons. They look fine when
you see the polygonal preview in MoI, but when you import them into
any polygonal software, the object doesn't look right. You think that's
a MoI problem, or just it's the way other programs import OBJs?

- EDIT: One more thing... With some objects you can get a lot of flipped
polygons. Do you think that's something fixable?

Thanks so much!


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