Geometry problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jacobo,

> When it works well, it does it so good that I've started to model some stuff in
> MoI, because it's easier than do it in a 'polygonal way'.

Yeah, the meshing quality really seems to open up new possibilities, since you can now use CAD / NURBS models to generate high quality meshes without it degenerating into a big chaotic mess of triangles...

You can especially do clean mechanical type models really fast with this pipeline. For mechanical shapes, the results often times look like a lot of effort was spent hand optimizing the polygons, even though they were actually automatically generated... It's almost like cheating! ;)

> I'm doing more test to check what kind of problems I'm finding, and if you don't mind,
> I'll post them in this thread if they help you in some way.

That would be great! Especially if you can post the model files that are involved. When I can replicate the problem over here (instead of just looking at a screenshot) it helps me to debug and solve it.

That's how things get tuned up to become reliable!

But I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of screenshots of complex things that worked well too! :)

> I would really love to see those bugs fixed with the IGES importing - OBJ
> exporting. That would be really great!

I'll probably be able to work on fixing it tomorrow. I should be putting out a new beta pretty soon.

- Michael