Geometry problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
656.27 In reply to 656.21 
Hi Gent,

> So is it possible in the future for the obj export option to have a
> "divide larger than" value that is valid -only- for planar surfaces which
> would make it useful for such n-gons as you mentioned?

Yup, this makes sense and should be easy to add. I'll try to add it for the next beta which I want to put out this weekend.

I've also nearly got Adobe Illustrator file import working, that should be part of the next beta too.

> There wouldn't be much cases in MoI, where there would be complex
> concave n-gons that are -not- planar right?

Not often, because like you mention curved surfaces already get subdivided by the angle parameter.

You would have to have a surface that started out curved on one side and then flattened into a plane on the other side of the surface, with a complex trim on that flattened region.

It seems like XSI is pretty close to having full support, they've got all the ingredients they just need to tune up their triangulator a little bit. If you have a chance, you might want to submit a bug report to them (did you say you did already?) so that they have a good example that they can work with for debugging. If you can try to give them an .obj that has just the one complex polygon in it that doesn't work right.

- Michael