Geometry problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
656.26 In reply to 656.18 
Hi Gent,

Thanks for testing in these different apps!

I certainly wish that more of them would behave better... :( I guess the problem is that these apps haven't really been tested with complex n-gons very well because there wasn't any particularly easy way to generate really complex n-gons coming from CAD data until now with MoI. Every other CAD program until now has generated only triangle and quad meshes. < Ugh! :)>

Hopefully more of these polygon apps will get fixed up over time as they get bug reports and there is more of a demand for processing complex n-gons.

> Silo:
> In Silo the actual mesh imports correctly, no problem with those planar
> polygons, but the smoothing is totally fubared, seems it doesn't import
> normal information correctly.

This one is particularly frustrating because they nailed the triangulation really well which is by far the most technically difficult part.

Reading the normals out of the file is far more simple, unless they just didn't make any provisions to have predefined normals in the app at all...

- Michael