Geometry problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
656.25 In reply to 656.17 
Hi Jacobo,

> If MoI exported to LWO, I'd be sooo happy :O))).

I don't think that would really make much of a difference though... Even if MoI wrote LWO files, LW or Modo would still need to do a proper triangulation of an n-gon from an LWO file as well.

LWO files aren't quite as flexible as OBJ files - they can contain n-gons (up to 1023 vertices), but it doesn't look like they are able to contain vertex normal information. Maybe LightWave and Modo just don't have the concept built into them of a precalculated vertex normal from CAD data...

The only reason there would be a difference with LWO files would be if there are additional bugs in their OBJ readers...

- Michael