Geometry problems

 From:  WillBellJr
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Great discussion guys, I'll try and nudge Softimage to see if I can get them to try and optimize XSI's input for these kinds of situations...

For me, I find myself having to _add edges_ in some places on certain ngons. So the speed of MOI ends up negated at times when I'm back in Silo or XSI editing edges and verts... Sometimes I just ending up creating the object in those apps after having "experimented in MOI" to get a concept going - not a good thing for what I desire to do (just use MOI!)

Just not sure what to say about all of this - I love what MOI brings to modeling - the speed and ease of getting ideas and concepts polygonated (is that a word?? :-p )

But Lightwave is my main rendering app (I'm more familiar with LW than XSI for now) so my whole reason to purchase MOI is to get exports into these apps with minimum fuss or rework (the main reason why my Rhino purchase went dusty on the hard drive...)

Funny, I'm glad to see Modo has the same probs as LW cause I can now drop it from my mind as a purchase consideration (I started to like Modo's modeling workflow) but I'm definitely not going to spend $700 just for some more import probs!

Today was sorta interesting - I was testing a MOI export for import into XSI and I was looking at the mesh differences between ngon and quad/tri; I sort of wished that right in the export dialog that I could click and add/remove/merge edges & verts to get the mesh exactly as I liked before the save - would have been a cool feature!