Geometry problems

 From:  jacobo3d
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Thanks Gent for taking some time to test the object. As Michael suggested me before, I've been
playing with the 'divide larger than' to reduce the n-gons size, and it helped LW and modo to
import the OBJ in a better way (but it still wasn't displayed properly).
It's good to know that it really helps in XSI, and it works good. I've been testing and it's imported
fine even with larger values in 'divide larger than', wich is nice. Thanks for that! :O)

By the way, did you try to export that mesh in LWO from XSI, using Point Oven? It's just I've been
trying but it freezes the XSI.

The guy who sent me the screen captures of the object that looked wrong in MoI, sent me just
a part of the object, because it belongs to a client and he's not allowed to send it all. So, he just
send me the part he said looked worse... but the thing is, I've tried it here and it works perfeclty.
So it seems like the problem shows up with the whole original mesh only...
We got some big complex models to keep testing (like a detailed personal watercraft), and I'll post
here any problem we find. We want to put some pressure on MoI :O)).

Thank you guys!