Geometry problems

 From:  Gent Krasniqi (GENT_K)
hmm... yes, XSI too seems to have problems with such complex concave n-gon's as you mention Michael.

You'll have to use "divide larger than" with "planes" checked when exporting to these applications, so that it divides it in a couple of parts.

So is it possible in the future for the obj export option to have a "divide larger than" value that is valid -only- for planar surfaces which would make it useful for such n-gons as you mentioned?

There wouldn't be much cases in MoI, where there would be complex concave n-gons that are -not- planar right?

This would be useful because it wouldn't divide other more 'organic' non planar surfaces further at all, because those will likely already have enough detail based on the angle parameter.

Oh, and thanks for clarifying these things.

PS. that might be too many questions for one post, sorry. :P