Geometry problems

 From:  Gent Krasniqi (GENT_K)
Hi, I will try to give feedback on that object for apps that I have access.

The original .obj that's included doesn't display correctly in XSI. Actually only the large planar polygons like the outer ones and the inner ones in the circle (large continuous polygon) don't import correctly.

but by using these settings, which divide these large planar polygons(ngons) in at least 4 parts seems to solve it! (you can see the difference to your .obj, a grid-like pattern in the big planar polygons)

Here's how it imports in XSI now with these new settings (check "import normals as user normals" in XSI):

This looks like a problem particular to XSI though, so if you're using that make sure you use some value of "divide larger than" with "planes" checked, so that you don't get such large continuous polygons with high vertex numbers.


In Silo the actual mesh imports correctly, no problem with those planar polygons, but the smoothing is totally fubared, seems it doesn't import normal information correctly.