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> Which brings me to another point... the rest of you in other apps might want to check some options in you app about importing this kind of normals information,
> as there really isn't anything special C4D has in displaying polygon meshes. If the thing imports correctly, including custom normals information (direction of the > normals) it should display it correctly.

Some applications don't have OBJ importing options available, and that's a problem.
I've been testing with XSI as well and I can't get a clean mesh like in C4D. I've trying with
different options and some objetcs still have problems. The same with other applications
I've tried. Even Deep Exploration doesn't read the OBJ properly.

I've attached one of the objects that is giving me those problems. MoI reads the IGES
perfectly, and exprot a nice and clean mesh (with n-gons.. you can check the included
OBJ). And then Cinema 4D is the only one that reads that object correctly. Blender does
it as well, I mean, it doesn't show problems in the geometry, but what it does is triangulate
everything when imports, so... not useful.

If you got the chance to test that object, and you can get a clean n-gons mesh in XSI
(or any other application), please, let me know. Maybe I'm missing something, or doing
something wrong.
I have a couple of friends who tested it in 3dsMax with no good results.
EDIT: I've just instaled Maya PLE (after all, where OBJ format comes from :O)), and tested it by myself, and it seems to work as well as Cinema 4D with this particular object.


If MoI exported to LWO, I'd be sooo happy :O))).

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