Geometry problems

 From:  Gent Krasniqi (GENT_K)

In XSI be sure to check "Import Normals as User Normals" in the Import dialog, and with the user-normals cluster XSI will display/render it perfectly! They will show up just as moi intended it to.

If you don't do that some of the flat areas with triangles might show messed up highlights, as it won't use any 'custom' normal information, only default normal smoothing.

Which brings me to another point... the rest of you in other apps might want to check some options in you app about importing this kind of normals information, as there really isn't anything special C4D has in displaying polygon meshes. If the thing imports correctly, including custom normals information (direction of the normals) it should display it correctly.

Otherwise if you let the app itself compute the vertex normals based on regular methods (normal averaging of face normals to calculate the vertex normal), these types of meshes that you get from MOI will not display correctly as they are very dense in some parts and empty in other areas which renders these 'automatic' methods useless. (unless you use really high settings, all quads, and even spacing between points)