Geometry problems

 From:  WillBellJr
656.14 In reply to 656.10 
Yes, I was noticing flipping in LW's Modeler the other day as well - I was going post some pics and the 3dm but I see that it's a LW/Modo codebase problem - I'm going to try my OBJs in XSI, hopefully I'll get the same (clean) results C4D is apparently returning...

I'll also test Ultimate Unwrap3d ( since Brad was kind enough to add the .3DM (OpenNURBS) format to his program for me; I use Unwrap3D a lot of times as a file translation tool and he grabs the NURBS mesh out of the 3dm and lets you work with it in the program...

I'm wondering if C4D does some special checks to look for flipped around normals and brings them back in line with the majority?

Anyway, good stuff - it is great that MOI creates clean meshes that can be pretty much used immediately in your poly app (well, sans LW & Modo - sigh...)