CopyToPoints command

 From:  tyglik
From time to time, it appeared useful for me to have a command for copying
a selected objects to existing set of points - particularly in conjunction with Isect (Intersect) and Array command.
So I have made it...

Unzip the file into the \commands folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\MoI beta Apr-26-2007\commands)

Go to your moi.ini and add a keyboard shortcut, for example:
[Shortcut Keys]

There is only one difference in comparison with regular Copy command.
You must select a target points instead of picking the ones.
If you check the "Delete points" option, the target points will be deleted.

For selecting a target points, you can set a keyboard shortcut to select all points in the scene:

Ctrl+P=script:moi.geometryDatabase.getObjects().getPoints().setProperty( 'selected', true );

or just select all objects by typing Ctrl+A or clicking SelectAll button and command "extract" all points itself.

Enjoy yourself :)


ps: oh, so much post to read... hehe..