Silly question

 From:  Michael Gibson
64.6 In reply to 64.5 
> < you have to hold down on it for a moment.> Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa never think of that! :)

In earlier prototype versions, I had it so just a regular click on it would open it. But it was too easy to accidentally trigger it even if you weren't really noticing it was there.

The construction line mechanism in general is designed to stay out of your way until you explicitly trigger it with the drag - this is unlike many other CAD systems that tend to pop up similar types of things a little bit too automatically (for my taste), which tends to interfere with freeform point placement.

> Sorry don't find yet this in the 3D view :(

Hmm, you mean if you draw a simple line (just with the regular Draw curve/line tool) in the 3D view, you get the x and y straight snaps if you move nearby the x and y axes, but not the z?

Go to Straight Snap options, it's on a menu that pops up over the "Straight snap" button on the bottom bar - is "Vertical snapping" (the first option) checked? It can be enabled or disabled there.

Also, Straight snap must be enabled on the bottom bar (highlighted in yellow) for this to be active.

- Michael