Dupin Cyclides

 From:  bemfarmer
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DupinCyclide2017beta script uses 3 point MoI NURBS circles, instead of interpcurve pseudo circles.
Beta version, because there are numerous permutations of the 3 main parameters, which might cause exceptions.
Trying to make a circle out of a singularity is avoided by having a minimum 3 point circle size.

Network works well on the scaffold of the 7 types of (elliptical related) Dupin Cyclides.

For best network results, the scaffold of the 3 types of horn cyclides should be trimmed into two parts, across the singularity point(s),
and Networked separately. The old script did not make clean solids at the singularity point(s).

There is much more documentation in the script. Note that uDensity and vDensity should be even numbers, preferably.

Next will be the addition of Inversion and creation of Villarceau circles on the Ring Dupin cyclides.

- Brian