Dual screen

 From:  bfish (BRUNO)
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Hi Michael,
your idea to give the possibility to open a new viewport on another screen is terrific and, well why not, revolutionary. When you can achieve this, your program is miles ahead (for this aspect) on let's say Autocad (still one of the majors in CAD, having a lot of programmers and marketing-guys, and a big budget to spend). Alone for that reason, it would be revolutionary. Imagine, ONE person (named Michael) running a small company, against one of the major companies (named Autodesk) is offering a possibility that will be very usefull and practical, which the major can't offer (it's like David & Goliath stuff).
So I am looking forward to this possibility, and if it's not this year, I hope it will be the next one.
Keep up the good work and many thanks for your efforts.

By the way, I am a teacher in Autocad in evening-schools for about 8 years now, and if it's fine for you I will suggest my boss to let me start a course about MoI. I will do the same for Google SketchUp. So we will offer two quite easy 3D-programs, which are (for the moment) totally free to the people. This will give the people the opportunity to use 3D-programs to realize their ideas (where have I heard this sentence..?) for free. And maybe, this will cause a pricecut for the major programs and ,again maybe, people will use less cracked software. I know, I am maybe dreaming a bit, but still...

Best regards,