Dual screen

 From:  Michael Gibson
639.2 In reply to 639.1 
Hi Bruno, I'm glad you're liking the program!

Unfortunately it will be quite a bit of work to do an update like this. I'm trying to wrap up version 1.0 right now, so generally stuff that involves rather time consuming work will be postponed for a little while. So I don't expect to have any dual screen enhancements show up in a beta until after 1.0 is finished.

The main idea for improved dual screen is not moving new UI/toolbar panels to the second screen, but rather having the option to open up a whole new viewport container window so that you could put another viewport set on your second screen. So for instance that would allow having a maximized 3D view on one screen while you worked in a maximized top view in the other screen. That will probably be the first step.

I would also like to eventually set up the UI so that it is generally more flexible and customizable but that will be a pretty major overhaul so that is quite a ways out.

- Michael