How do I do this?

 From:  Michael Gibson
636.2 In reply to 636.1 
> By the way, Michael, yes modifying the settings you told me last night
> before importing IGS files, no problems.

Hi Rudy, that's good - you'll probably need to use those modified settings to work with those types of denser relief surfaces until I can fix this problem. It's probably a good idea even on a higher memory machine since the really dense display mesh will generally slow things down and take longer to draw in addition to taking up a bunch of memory.

About curving the relief around the band - MoI doesn't have anything that will perform that function. You'll need to use Rhino 4.0 for that type of warping procedure, they have a new tool in version 4 called "FlowAlongSrf" that will do that type of processing.

- Michael