can't open igs file in MOI

 From:  Michael Gibson
635.11 In reply to 635.10 
> Question is, how did/do I get into/out of wireframe?

There isn't actually a wireframe mode (other than hiding selected faces after you load) - this would happen only if there was some error in calculating the display mesh, or potentially something has gone wrong at that point with your video card and something is not working properly when attempting to display shaded polygons. The latter could be due to either a bug in MoI or a bug in your video card's driver software.

It may be worthwhile to update your video driver and see if that improves the situation. You mentioned you have the 91.85 drivers, it looks like there is a newer 94.24 version available here:

> <...> but presents the Unexpected condition (crash) dialog instead of hanging.

There should be a crash dump file generated - can you please check in the MoI folder in c:\Program Files? It should be a file named . If there is one or more of those there, can you please e-mail them to me at ? I may be able to determine the actual line of crashing code from that.


- Michael