stl export

 From:  Michael Gibson
630.8 In reply to 630.7 
Hi Colin,

> Has there been some kind of "tuning" of the STL export that has now
> changed the way that it used to work??

Nope... Nothing has changed in that area for a while.

Are you also seeing this when importing into the Roland software? Or is it some other software package that you are trying to bring the .stl data into?

This might be due to the way that the Roland software interprets the STL file. There is a method that can be used to label different objects in the STL file. MoI uses this method to label each different object. I tried Rhino, and it looks like the difference is that Rhino does not label different objects, it puts everything within just one object group in the STL file.

I suppose that might be to work around problems or bugs in some STL readers that might not support multiple objects in one file. I could do the same thing (just lump all triangles together into one object) if that is the source of the problem.

- Michael