My take - Limited conceptual capabilities due to exclusive Nurbs choice.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pinin, thanks for your feedback.

I agree, it would be cool if MoI had the same capabilities as a $20,000 app. I hope you realize that this is an amazingly high expectation.

I'm not surprised that there are a lot of things about MoI that you don't like, from your comments it sounds like you are involved with demanding surfacing work, tweaking and manipulating surfaces to fine detail. This is not the purpose of MoI, it is just not what it is targeted at, particularly for the first release. MoI is much more about doing simple things quickly and easily.

I think that your definition of "conceptual capabilities" may be along this fine-tuned surfacing vein... Let me propose that there can be other definitions of "conceptual modeling" that involve doing quick rough sketches of a model, not focusing on reflection lines or detailed surface styling. I believe that this type of more rough conceptual modeling is indeed very well suited to NURBS technology, especially by having boolean and trimming operations available which seem to be very problematic in traditional SubD modeling.

There are different styles of models that lend themselves more to SubD and others that work great in NURBS. But I don't agree that one style is necessarily more "conceptual" than the other.

The Catia software is extremely interesting. Of course, the #1 reason why it is so interesting is not only that it uses SubD surfaces, but that it can take those SubD surfaces and export them as NURBS to be used for further work with more traditional NURBS tools such as trimming, CAM, analysis, etc.. I believe that in the future this combination technology of having a SubD mesh controlling NURBS patches will become more pronounced and allow for more "mix-and-match" between the two techniques. But it will take a while before the technology is more widely available.

> - Screen rotation/dolly is slower than in XSI ( i am in a Mobility Radeon 9700)-
> seems improved over August release.

This is strange, the first time I have heard about this. There were no changes in this area from the August release. Are you using the buttons at the bottom of the viewport, or are you using the right-click and scroll wheel inside of a viewport? The bottom viewport buttons are set to do a rather smoother motion which may not be to your liking, the right-click-inside-a-viewport method is probably closer to what you are used to.

> - Screen commands dont are productivity friendly.

I'm not sure if I understand this one - you mean as compared to using the keyboard? There is a capability to define keyboard shortcuts, you can see one of the other threads about that. In general relying exclusively on the keyboard has very bad productivity for tablet usage, one big area of focus in MoI was to make it more friendly for tablet usage.

> - Filleting not always works with me.

This is going to be an ongoing problem. It is a difficult area and will improve over time.

Thank you for your comments,

- Michael