My take - Limited conceptual capabilities due to exclusive Nurbs choice.

 From:  PININ
I am user of Softimage XSI mainly a Subdivision application(talking only about modelling) but i also used NURBS in testing Alias Studio, i also modeled in Rhino 1.0 and 2.0 and SOLID modeling in Solidworks besides Polygon arch work in 3dsMax.
I am user that usually finds software not very friendly- except Sketchup but it is very limited for Design work . In my case i hate that XSI and all other Subdivision modellers are so dependent on topology and that there is no way to "fix" some control points/edges despite SubD degree. In Nurbs i hate that they cant be flexible enough and that i just cant move things around and that is too much work compared with SubD to get a General form.
My opinion is that the Nurbs only for conceptual work is not the way to go. Catia for example has that shows some promise, of course they are in a 20000$ app but it shows a way. This also reminds of an app like PTC Pro Concept that was buggy but it was more flexible.

Neverthless this is what i like and dislike about MOI- i didnt spent more than 30 min with it.

+ Interface is aestetical pleasing
+ all commands are at hand
+screen size isnt wasted in toolbars or in useless bars that has only the application name.

- Screen rotation/dolly is slower than in XSI ( i am in a Mobility Radeon 9700)- seems improved over August release.
- Screen commands dont are productivity friendly.
- Filleting not always works with me. I found that latter that one of the problems was that i was mistaken and was also selecting the lines i designed to extrude. But the problem still persists when i change some measure.